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Anticipating After Effects World 2016: A Chat With Eran Stern

We recently launched Adobe Video World and are excited to share more info with you about the program. Check out this short Q&A with After Effects World Program Manager, Eran Stern, who shares some insight into the program for this year.

Q: This will be the fourth year for After Effects World, and the second time the program is combined with Premiere Pro World. The event has grown quite a bit—who typically attends the event?

A: It’s true—this is a popular training event, but we are mindful not to grow it too much in order to maintain that small event feel. Our data and feedback over the years helped us sketch a clear profile. Our attendees represent a mix of video editors and content creators that are moving into After Effects. An important note is that the majority of them are experienced artists that spent a few years working with the programs. This is a sophisticated audience; they know the software well and they are hard to impress. We know that After Effects, for instance, is a deep program and people may have built expertise in certain areas, but lack it others. Our job, as speakers it is to try and bridge those gaps.

Q: What’s new compared to last year’s program?

A: We have more sessions at the pre-conference level; in fact we’ve doubled that section of the program compared to last year. This year, we also welcome four new speakers:

  • The legendary Joey Korenman—Founder of and a well-known animation instructor
  • Chris Converse—a true master at UX design and motion graphics to CSS-driven websites
  • Paul Murphy—a motion graphics designer and the owner of
  • Kyle Hamrick—a video editor, motion designer and founding partner of The Feral Few

We will also have 16 in-focus (45min) sessions that cover one topic plus a few design sessions. As always, we will have advanced technical sessions about the latest in scripting and expressions.

Q:What are the top 3 takeaways you hope every attendee will get from this year’s event?

A: We’ve built the program to help attendees:

  1. Gain practical knowledge and new techniques to improve their work;
  2. Learn about new developments in the latest platform release, and get a glimpse into the future;
  3. Expand their network with other participants and with the Adobe team.

Q: What is the most common mistake experienced users make in After Effects?

A: Many users work in a chaotic environment. If you’re willing to dedicate a few seconds to name layers in a logical, consistent way, you can save hours of frustration down the line, especially in complex projects.

Another issue, which I also fail at myself, is the use of After Effects as a design tool before visiting Photoshop or Illustrator. As corny as it sounds, nothing can look good in motion if it doesn’t look good when it is static. We’re usually rushing the animation stage before laying down a plan—this can sometimes yield happy accidents but for the most part it’s just a waste of time.

Q: What are you sharing with After Effects attendees this year?

A: I’m going to show new breakdowns from the latest promos and commercials that I worked on. In one session, I’ll demonstrate 10 different ways to reveal a logo all based on path animations. I also have a VFX session about 3D compositing using Element 3D, and an in-focus session where I’ll share many unknown power tips and techniques so that you can join the secret hand shake club of Ae.

If you’re planning to attend the Premiere Pro side of the event, you can also find some After Effects content aimed at beginners and intermediate-level users. I’ll share my method for going from stills to motion and I will also show how to use After Effects to rescue shots in post.

Q: If you were an attendee, what are the top 3 sessions you would attend and why?

A: These would be my choices:

Interactive Animations – Video + HTML5 and CSS + JavaScript

This topic is almost like a black hole in the Ae eco-system—there’s not enough online knowledge and there is even less documentation. I think this is a great opportunity to learn how to approach HTML 5 video using our most favorite application.

Design Hacks For Non-Designers

I always feel that my job is to fight ugliness in the world, so I would take any advice I can get to make it happen. I’m intrigued with the topic and even if I learn just one new thing, it will make my day.

Advanced Rigging in Character Animator

If you’re into character animation, you should hear what Dave Simons, the inventor of After Effects, has to say. The latest release of this software offers so many new options, how about hearing about them from the man who actually made it.


Eran SternEran Stern is a Program Manager for Adobe Video World and the Founder of SternFX. You can view this year’s After Effects program here. If you’re planning on going, register with code SEEME16 to save $100.

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